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I have been renting a storage unit at Uncle Bob's Storage in Topsham, Maine for over two years now and it sucks! God help me.

I can't stand the manager, Sam but I have to say the worst human I have ever spoke with (hands down), has to be the regional manager. WOW!!!!!!! She is by far the most ignorant female I have ever had the misfortune of speaking with. There is nobody home.

To call her a bird brain would be an understatement. I was late on my rent and they tacked on a $30.00 late fee. It was over this past labor day weekend/holiday. I called on the 4th to make payment but they were closed.

I called the reservation line to try to make a telephone payment and was told that they couldn't take a payment over the phone. I did not have internet access and explained this when I went into the Topsham store on the 5th. I handed Sam my debit card but when she told me that she would be debiting my card 184.00 (instead of the $154.00 because of the late fee), I asked her to hand the card back to me and requested that the late fee be waived. She replied that she couldn't but that she'd have the regional manager call me.

When she called me she insulted me by telling me that she just reviewed my account and noticed that I had been making my payments on line. She then in her very own special condescending tone asked why I didn't just make the payment on line. Even after being humiliated by her, I painfully explained why I no longer had internet access, and she still said no. Then why did she pry into my personal affairs and still say NO (?) I told her that I no longer had internet access.

She informed me that the policy is to add a late fee if the customer is late. As if I didn't already hear that. She was rude, the worst part was her total lack of empathy, professionalism, and ability to resolve a simple problem. I was there on the 5th, but they were unwilling to compromise with me.

This is unacceptable and I am aggravated with their lack of customer service. It truly sucks.

Avoid these people, if possible rent space somewhere else. I can't wait to find a house to rent and be free of these nitwits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uncle Bobs Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Waive the late fee..

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I agree totally...with such poor customer service, and the lack of knowledge ALL the way around. Even the management cannot solve basic equations I'll happily give my money elsewhere.

Anywhere else will have at least a bit of common sense/knowledge. Tony, Gwendolyn and Kim on 1932 Popps Ferry Road in Biloxi, MS 39532 are IGNORANT and need much more THOROUGH TRAINING AS well as simple (Basic) Math skills.

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