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Uncle Bobs the South west CLERK'S unlawfully called manager (rip off men). They rob every month from customers rsising high % rent. Then, they mess up payments on line to rip you off late fees. They let HOMEless man live in storages, x $ under table. The employees are corrupt. We will go to the news - nation wide and Congress men tk stop thiz terrorist oppressors of tenants. Uncle bobs who pays your salaries. Renters and stolen $ in lates fees.
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I was informed that my brother lost quite a hefty amount from water damage due to a flood in St Louis MO and his belongings were ruined at the Uncle Bob's in Brentwood MO 63144; what I need to know is what recourse can we take to get him full compensation. I understand many many complaints have been filed and are under investigation with Channel 5 News. Can you please get back to me right away and let me know what recourse we have regarding my...
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Rate increase every year of $25 or more.Rude and poor customer service. If your 7 days late it's an automatic $50 late fee and your locked out of your unit. After 30 days late they put a lein on your storage facility and charge a $150 fee to remove it, which brings your late fee charge to $200. They do not accept partial payments, its either the full fee or your considered late and the late fees apply.Do yourself a huge favor, seek another...
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Uncle bobs self storage robbed me blind! I was never late on payments, this seems to be extra income for self storage facilities according to private investigators, and is making theft legal and easy the way their contracts are written they can default a customer about speaking out to others at same facility warning them, about my own theft, experience..
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And I'm still sitting here!! This is at the W Whitestone location, in Leander, Texas... RUN FROM THIS *** HOLE!! If you THINK you paid for a climate controlled unit?? Grab a thermometer, and GO CHECK ON IT!!! I dunno- I've rented from Uncle Bobs in the past, and they were pretty much "incident free"... But this place?????? FRIGHTENING!! (Oh, bugs EVERYWHERE in the buildings, too! I wish I hadn't, but I paid till June 1st... So I'm stuck here...
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I didn't like
  • Not given a copy of my rental agreement
  • Dead bugs in the hallways
  • 94 degrees in a climate controlled unit