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I recently rented a storage locker at Uncle Bob's Storage in Florissant,MO. I was informed the insurance was mandatory and not an option, through Bader Insurance Company.

After a couple of months we discovered our locker had flooded due to a flaw in the building. We reported it to the manager who gave us the insurance company contact info. They took the claim and then after a few days informed us it was not covered even though it was through no fault of ours. The manager was shocked and offered no other alternative solutions other than giving us some free boxes.

This is outright fraud, being charged insurance premiums that cover absolutely nothing. UNCLE BOB's IS A RIP-OFF company and they are STEALING from their customers by charging for insurance that is really non-existent. It's all PROFIT. This is an example of corporate greed at its' worst.

Companies that PRETEND to care about their customers when in REALITY all They care about Is MONEY!!! Do Not Do Business with UNCLE BOB's STORAGE unless you want to be deceived and ripped off. Absolutely terrible customer service with no regard for its customers. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Missouri Attorney General regarding this incident.


Product or Service Mentioned: Uncle Bobs Customer Care.

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East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #1244602

Totally agree tried to cancel my insurance, which is not required by law. I work for a storage facility in N.J and know the rules.

They told me I could not drop my insurance, and when I told them I would vacate over this issue they just said fine. Never had these problems in the past and I have been there for over 5 years.

Rather loose a customer then drop the insurance. I will be moving my stuff to another facility ASAP.


Insurance, the optional extra or rigged bet for the insurance company. And yes many policies are filled with exemptions, exclusions & limits.

This is why many states do not allow a non licensed insurance broker to sell *** like this.

I always wonder how a property owner cannot be ultimately responsible for what goes on on their property.

Also it might be company policy to tell they customer they need insurance but is it the law. Company policy and law tend to be different in many areas.


Bader Insurance is not owned by Uncle Bob's. They are a separate entity that receives the monthly insurance premium payments.

Their refusal to pay the claim had nothing to do with Uncle Bob's.

I know because I have worked in self storage for years. Most self storage facilities offer insurance through Bader.

to Anonymous #1139937

Bader Insurance is a ripoff of a company and has been and is being sued nationwide. Uncle Bob's gets commissions for selling the insurance. If you have been in self storage for years you would know the very poor reputation of Uncle Bob's and Bader Insurance.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #800693

When you buy a house or rent you are required to purchase insurance. Most insurance do not cover flooding they also do not cover many other things.

You should read the fine print next time.

Would you blame your mortgage company if your homeowners insurance didn't cover a flood ? Lmao

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #757549

Are you sure that your items were destroyed by rain ? Or did they hire a vendor who came in and pressure washed the doors and ETC. So they could paint ?

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