I called Uncle Bob's storage, around the corner from where I live, told them that I wanted to store my Pick up, with out any tags. I had only the title.

They responded with that it was alright, as long as I had some proof of ownership. I paid a tow company $95 to bring it to the storage space that was paid for. Two hours later, I got a phone call to remove the vehicle because it was not legal. The person that I spoke with didn't remember our conversation.

It cost another $95 to have it towed off the lot. I could have saved that $190, instead of giving it to a towing company. Then they told corporate that they did not do anything wrong.

I went to another company and had no trouble, after explaining to them what Uncle Bob's had done. Nice work, keep up the lies, some day it will *** you in the buttocks.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I didn't like: Needs to understand what the customer is saying.

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