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1. Do not buy there 3rd party Bader insurance. It is overpriced and does not cover much. Uncle Bob's gets a 25% commission of the monthly charge. The water damage coverage is useless. It's depreciate replacement only. It doesn't cover theft. Why on earth buy it.

2. Read the contract. They state that they and there contractors are not responsible for whatever they do on the property or in your storage units. Are they in there to do a repair? Paint? And then steal your things or cause a hole to leak water? THEY WILL NOT PAY. You have to sue them. Homeowners Insurance doesn't cover subcontractor damage.

3. There staff is rude. They look to raise rents continuously.

4. The company is owned by Wall Street Investors who trade in risky debt instruments Remember the 2008 crash?? These type of people found a new real estate market. Self Storage. All self storage. Be careful, informed and do your best to protect yourself from these from these vultures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uncle Bobs Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

I liked: Previous owner.

I didn't like: Lack of integrity, Rude and unhelpful customer service, Poor maintenance on unit, Rude and disrespectful area manager.

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They company is owned by 3 investors that are best friends based out of Buffalo NY and as far as the issues your having contact the area manager they with help to resolve any complaints you may have so stop making up lies to turn people away from the company.

to Anonymous Rockford, Illinois, United States #1271168

It may be owned by 3 friends, but once they put their business on the stock market they became the passenger to the shareholders driving the bus.

Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, United States #1143083

Most third party insurance is a scam filled with exemptions, exclusions and fine print. It's pure profit for most companies.

I still wonder how these storage facility owners get away with refusing responsibility for what goes on in their building. They are trying to shift their responsibility to you and a third party insurance company. Also this "you must have or buy insurance" might be company policy but is not necessarily the law. It might be an industry practice but again may not be the law.

Never confuse company policy & practice with the law any where.

Nationally owned or big chain storage unit companies admit they must show the ability to raise rents to increase profits for the stock holders. This puts pressure on management to pressure local property management to pressure the customer to buy unnecessary optional things like insurance or bill/fee the customer to excess.

And yes the fine print in a gotcha contract for air space is ridiculous.

I've rented apartments with less paperwork than a storage unit rental. The real estate investor types feel entitled and are ruthless in their pursuit of profit.

to Anonymous #1166546

What do u mean by air space ?

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