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I've asked you to quit sending me mail from Uncle Bobs storage you have a

person Duane Humphery using my address. That person has never lived here.

Hes a *** artist and I never gave him permission to use my address. I've wrote you letters , E-mailed you and have told you not to send any more mail to my home. This is my residence and that person has never been here. You are violating the law by sending me mail when I've asked you not to.

This person has no rights to use my address! Now I'm taking further action !

Tess Boyd

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If Uncle Bobs Storage is sending the mail to the address given them by this "Duane Humphrey" guy, then they are not violating any laws. I have no idea who Uncle Bobs Storage is but I have used storage facilities in the past and every one of them required my driver license to verify my address. You can take further action but it may not get you anywhere.

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